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Joint Action Group Here To Help In Recovery

This is a common image throughout South Mississippi, battered businesses and empty lots where homes once stood.

But repairs and rebuilding could be just a "grant" away.

The Joint Action Group held a workshop Saturday afternoon at Little Rock Baptist Church to discuss such grants as HUD and community development block grants.

They also provided information on buying your first home and credit repairs. This is the type of information Julia Eden wanted to hear to take back to parents at her learning center, whose homes were damaged from Katrina.

"There's always a need for carpenters and electricians, and there are some that don't have the insurance and they don't have the financial means to be able to make the repairs. We have some that are just looking for homes to become homeowners because they lived in apartments that were damaged," said Eden.

The Joint Action Group is a consortium of small businesses who have come together to help rebuild South Mississippi and to help people get into affordable homes, because they say it is not a simple task.

"It's not easy at all because there are a lot of things that have to be done. There are a sequence of events, there's a lot of scheduling, and a lot of people are still working full time jobs trying to make ends meet and pay bills and they don't have time to do a lot of things during the day, and that's some of the things we take off their plate. We help them manage projects and also to take over and do those things that they need to get done day to day," said Joint Action Group representative Hal Gordon.

So, the group is here to serve as a source of information, and say whatever the problem may be, from home repairs to job training, they are here to help you.  

The group will schedule other sessions in the near future.  

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