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Elderly Pass Christian Woman Returns To Newly Repaired Home

Despite being completely wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, Audrey James never considered living anywhere else.  

"I don't like Gulfport,"says James. "I don't like Bay St. Louis. I just love Pass Christian. That's where I was born and raised."

She wanted to return so badly, she even endured months of life in a FEMA trailer just to be back on Grayson Avenue.  

"I enjoyed it some days when I had company but after the company would leave I would get Oh God."

So she says, she prayed, and those prayers were answered with a steady stream of faith based volunteers and relatives who stripped her house bare, cleaned it, and rebuilt it for free.

"I said I know you gave it to me, and I know you'll give it back if I ask.  And that's what I did."

After that this 77 year old widow took the money she got from FEMA and her on life savings and furnished the place herself.  

"I just toughed it out. I told the children, well, I'm up in my age and I ain't going to be here too much longer so I'm gonna just get what I want and be happy," she said.  

Of the things she lost that can never be replaced, she takes it in stride.  

"The lord wanted it so he took it," she said.

Because she says what she's gotten in return is so much more.  

"I can't believe it's true because I can't sleep all night. I wake up and say God have mercy, I thank you so much," she said. 

And as the first person on Grayson street back in her original home James continues to pray that her old neighbors will be as blessed as she's been, and return to call this neighborhood home once again as well.  

"I'm just so grateful to the good lord up above. Because I tell you we all need that man and he will answer your prayers," she said.  

by Don Culpepper

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