Jackson County Tax Office Reopens After Katrina

"I am just glad to be back," says Deputy Clerk Karen Brewer.

A sentiment Karen Brewer shares with her collegues hard at work Saturday to make sure the Jackson County Tax office is in tip top shape for Monday's reopening.

Roof damage and a lack of electricity were just some of the office's post Katrina problems. Problems that forced employees including Alana Troutman to move into much more cramped quarters at the Jackson County Fairgrounds Civic Center.

"It was like a bunch of offices combined together; it was just nosey all the time," says Troutman.

"We were handwriting; we had no computers," worker Laquetta Cooley says.

And while the office files and other valuable information did survive the storm, workers here say the stress took much longer to overcome.

"People losing everything and had to turn around and work under those conditions, that was very hard on these girls," says Brewer.

Now these employees are ready to put all that behind them and are anxious to get a fresh start in their newly repaired office.

"We'll do it; we'll make it," say Cooley.

And while there may still be many boxes to unpack and details to be worked out, these ladies say they can wait to get back to work in a familiar place.

"We are ready to go to serve the people," Brewer says.

The tax office will be open Monday morning at 8:00 am.