Blue Styrofoam Littering Beach

Tina Burns of Gulfport loves to catch some rays and walk on the beach. But for the last two weeks she's been dodging the blue styrofoam that's washed up along the shoreline stretching west.

"It's not very pretty to look at. I imagine it's just debris comin' in from out there, it's the only thing I can figure," Burns says.

Blaise Valentini likes the beach too, but not the styrofoam.

"It's real disgusting; it's so gross," Blaise says. "It's probably coming from one of the casino's walls and stuff. Yeah, the insulation and stuff," Valentini says.

Beach director Bobby Weaver suggests the styrofoam could be blowing off any of the nearby damaged buildings, or it may have floated away from the Grand Casino demolition.

"My crews had seen there was construction boom. A boom to contain it basically and catch material that might have gone over in the water when they were taking the casino barge down. They contacted the contractor doing the work, and they immediately went out and took care of the boom itself. So maybe some of that material is comprised in this stuff," Weaver says.

Whatever the source, Tina Burns doesn't think much of it.

"Not many people wanna come down here with all the mess everywhere," Burns says.

That's why Weaver says his crews are trying to pick up the styrofoam as fast as they can.