Local Merchants Talk Holiday Hiring

While some large stores plan to hire holiday help, some smaller business owners say they are a little leery of adding extra employees this year.

The owner of a flower shop in Gulfport says that she normally hires about seven people around Christmas time. However, business has been so slow since the terrorist attacks that she might not have enough work for that many people.

Meanwhile, larger businesses like Toys R Us tell us they don't expect the economic situation to put a dent in holiday sales. Store Supervisor Glenda Lumpkin told WLOX that they'll go ahead and hire the 30 to 40 cashiers and clerks they usually add to their payroll around Christmas. "Everything is going just as planned every other season. We're starting to hire now. We've hired some people already and we'll be hiring more within the next few weeks."

She also said that this year there have been more qualified job applicants to choose from this holiday season than in previous years.