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Dallas Teens Answer Biloxi Woman's Prayer

The new roof going on Inez Proby's Main Street house is the Godsend she prayed for. 

"They're doing so good," she says, watching the teens. "You think, 'Well Lord, how am I gonna do this here?' And when you look up, somebody comes volunteering to help you."

The Dallas church members have volunteered in poverty stricken areas around the globe, but hurricane relief is a first. 

Meg Raymond, 16, says, "Our kind of tagline for the trip is, 'After the Storm, Comes the Rainbow.' And we kind of feel like we're going to bring the hope, the help in these areas that have been hit."

At just 13, Robert Bissell is one of the youngest workers. He says the storm's devastation is a lot to digest,  and he can't begin to imagine what it's like for Inez and her family.

"Their gratitude whenever we finish just makes me feel in my heart so happy that we could make one or two people in this whole state, or whole area just extremely happy that they have a roof over their heads, and if it rains, water's not gonna go in their house," he says.

The teens say their hard work goes a long way to make a difference.

"I guess a lot of the coverage has been given to New Orleans and I know they had the whole levee thing going on, but it's just as bad down here," says Zach Buchanan.

Home right now for Inez and her husband Vireece is a FEMA trailer. She's not sure how the inside of her house will get finished, but she's grateful for the progress so far. 

"Thank God that there is a savior, because I know if it wasn't for the Lord, these people wouldn't be here helping us," Inez says.

The teens say they're just as appreciative to rebuild someone's life.

The volunteers are from the Northridge Presbyterian Church in Dallas. They head home Saturday morning. By then, they will have worked on six homes in just one week.

by Marcia Hill

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