Volunteers Rebuilding Homes In Waveland

This is the first time Bill Johnson has seen what a group of volunteers has accomplished on his flooded home in just a few days.

"Yes indeed," says Johnson walking inside. "Looking good."

These volunteers from Cyprus United Methodist Church in Texas have been here before.

"We've been raising money and coming back," says Mark Durham of Cyprus. "We came during Thanksgiving. Did four houses and left material for two more. And this trip were trying to do two."

And they say they'll be back again.

"It's a good feeling to come and know that you did all that you could and we'll be back," says Connye Roberson of Houston. "We'll be coming back as long as there's a need."

They're joined on this trip by volunteers from North and South Carolina. All have a common connection to Waveland, a mutual friendship with Waveland native Reverend Donald Peters, and a mutual desire to help Katrina's victims get back in their homes.

"They come in and they pay for all materials and they do all the labor and it costs the homeowner nothing," says Reverend Peters. "They just want to do God's work to share in the ministry."

Reverend Peters says as long as volunteers are willing to provide the material and the muscle, they'll be welcomed. Because for residents like Bill Johnson, their work rehabilitates broken hearts as well as broken homes.

"It restores your faith," says Johnson. "I mean, you see some bad things going on, but then there are some good things going on. And that's what makes it so much better, to know that other people want to help you. That's a good feeling."