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Thames: Point Cadet Aquarium "Probably" Won't Be Rebuilt

At Tuesday's meeting of the state college board, USM President Dr. Shelby Thames told the group the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center in Biloxi will probably not be rebuilt. At least not anytime soon.

That news was announced as demolition crews spent the day removing the storm-battered remains of the marine education center at Point Cadet. The center featured a variety of aquariums, marine education programs for children and labs for marine sciences.

It would cost $40 million to rebuild the center at a time when other issues are a higher priority.

"We all want it, but the fact of the matter is it's going to be $40 million plus to put it back. We need to get people educated with degrees first as a priority. Hopefully, we can get a public-private partnership going, and hopefully we can still make that happen," Higher Education Commissioner Dr. Tom Meredith said.

The future of the Point Cadet property where the marine education center was located remains uncertain. Under its lease agreement, the college board must use the land for some higher education purpose.

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