South Mississippians Stock Up On Hurricane Supplies

On this first weekend of the 2006 Hurricane Season, some South Mississippians are taking the opportunity to stock up on supplies just in case.

Dozens of residents spent their Sunday shopping for those necessary and what could turn out to be life saving items at the Wal-Mart in Pascagoula. In fact, managers there say they've had to double their orders just to keep the shelves stocked.

Residents say they want to be ready if another major storms comes our way.

"It is better to be ready than to be not ready," says Gautier Resident Ulis Alford.

Alford shares that new post-Katrina philosophy with many coast residents. For the last week, he's traveled to the Wal-mart in Pascagoula to stock up on supplies for the hurricane season.

"I do want to come during to a hurricane and all the water be gone," say Alford.

Alford is just one of the many South Mississippians who have been emptying the store shelves lately.

Wal-Mart officials say since the start the Hurricane season, sales have increased tremendously. So much so they've had to order twice as many products as last year.

"We had to beef up the ordering on several things, hurricane items like canned meats and water, and ice chests," says Assistant Manager Manuel Martinez.

Mangers say they even had to add a few new supplies to their inventory to help accommodate customers needs.

"This year we started carrying generators, which we did not have on hand last year. We need to have those items on hand for customers, like myself, to pick up one. Also we have a Portable AC that has been moving pretty good this year," say Martinez.

Those appliances are just what Pascagoula Jimmy Brenner is looking for on his shopping trip.

Brenner says he prefers not to wait to the last minute to do his hurricane supply shopping, because it's simply too stressful.

"Normally crowds do not bother me, but if there is a hurricane breathing down my throat, I do not like it," says Brenner.

Brenner says while he hopes South Mississippi avoids another major hurricane hit, everyone should be ready just in case.

"You do not want any delays if you are trying to get out of town, or if you are trying to hunker down where you are," says Brenner.

Since the start of hurricane season, Wal-mart officials say the top selling items in the Pascagoula store have been gas cans and water.