New Book Documents Katrina Survival Stories

If the walls could talk at this home on Magnolia Street in East Biloxi, they would have a lot to tell.

"I was getting ready for Katrina. Me and my sons. I was packed. My car was ready to go. I had no problem. I had somewhere to go. Why I didn't leave, I still don't know to this day," said Linda McGlothin.

Her, along with 7 other family members as well as her dog named "Halle Berry", risked their lives by staying in this home since it had withstood Hurricane Camille.

"We had to climb out of that window right there in the front of the house. And the washer machine and the dryer shot out, all the stuff up under the cabinets, the doors just flew open and floated everywhere, and James called 9-1-1 and I said no, they told you to get out of here, and you didn't get out of here so you have to fend for yourself," said McGlothin.

And that's what they did.

Fortunately, they made it to a neighbor's home which included an upstairs apartment, and that's where they rode out the storm.

This story, along with 33 others, make up a new book entitled "How Hurricane Katrina Rocked Our World".

The book's author, Leona Shanks who lives in Mobile, heard many of these stories in South Mississippi and Alabama as she passed out necessities like water and ice only days after the storm.

"You've heard so much about Louisiana, Louisiana, New Orleans, New Orleans, and you've not really heard a whole lot about Mississippi and Alabama. And we got hurt bad. So we felt that if we wrote this book and we put the stories in the book and it got out there to the world, then they would know what it was about,"said Shanks.

This book also sparked the idea for Shanks' new non-profit organization called Giving Back To Victims.

The proceeds raised from this book will help those still in need.

"There was so many people over here that were just without, and I felt like I had to do something to help them," said Shanks.

And she hopes these words of survival will inspire you to do the same.