Group Offering Another Eight Days Of Hope

A North Mississippi faith based organization is bringing hope to South Mississippi storm victims. The group "Eight Days of Hope" has rallied more than 1200 volunteers from across the nation to help Hancock County residents rebuild their lives and homes.

"We have over 1200 volunteers from 40 states, three different countries, Canada and Brazil has shown up to help to repair the Gulf Coast of Mississippi," Eight Days of Hope President Steve Tybor said.

It will be a busy eight days for these volunteers. The organization's goal is to help more than 250 homeowners this week.

"We'll be doing roofing jobs, electrical jobs. We've actually rewired about 12 homes. We've done, I think, about 30 drywall jobs. You name it, carpentry jobs, we've cleaned up lots, we've gutted buildings," Tybor said.

Most of the volunteers have driven hundreds of miles to help.

"I just felt it was important to be here. This was our country, our people and I just felt I needed to be here," said Joyce Gugino, a volunteer from Buffalo, New York.

"A lot of people down here are hurting and we need to help them any way we can," North Carolina volunteer Ken Hubbard said.

Property owners appreciate the willing volunteers.

"They are wonderful. They are wonderful. It's just my prayers have been answered," Barbara Foreman said.

Steve Tybor says the decision to help is a simple one.

"The bible tells us to help one another when there is a need," Tybor said.

This is the second mission trip to the coast for Tybor and his group. Back in December, they helped put 84 residents back into their homes.

"We'll probably be back in four or five months for Eight Days of Hope III. And if there is a fourth, fifth and a sixth needed, we're going to do that until the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is back were it needs to be."

Eight Days of Hope is a non-profit organization which relies on donations to buy building materials. Click here to learn more about volunteering or how you can help with the next hope mission.

by Al Showers