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Head Start a First for Biloxi Housing Authority

The kids in the Head Start class at the Bea Brown Community Center spend a lot of time on different activities,  coloring, building, and making pudding. But their day here isn't all fun and games. Teacher Lisa Walker says, "We want them to become productive citizens. We want them to be able to problem solve for themselves, think for themselves, have choices in life. We want them to know life is made up of choices, you can either make good choices or bad choices but there are choices and we're here to help make the best choice they can make."

 Since they're together six hours a day, the kids learn to get along with each other too. "We try to give the children a head start cause like I said some of 'em don't know how to take turns and share and we basically try to focus on their social skills and their manners and so on and so forth so they'll be able to communicate and work well with other children," says teacher Judy Jackson.

 Each of the youngsters have different reading and writing skills. The teachers' goal is to make sure they can all write their name and be able to at least identify the letters in their names. Reading is constantly stressed. "We do a lot of sight reading, picture reading. We give them a book and we let them picture read to us and have an understanding of what they've read. We want them to have a love for reading and books," says Walker. 

Most of the kids in the class live in the Biloxi Housing Authority neighborhoods.

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