Our Daily Bread Needs Help Delivering Meals

Feeding the needy. That's the mission of Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula. But workers say since Katrina it has been tough finding ways to deliver food in parts of Jackson County.

Flood waters destroyed one of their only vehicles, forcing the organization to cut Gautier and Vancleave off the delivery route. Now the group is looking for a new set of wheels to help feed the hungry.

Raymond Lankford is preparing to hit the road in Moss Point. After 23 years of delivering meals, this volunteer has a schedule to keep.

"This is not your normal job. You have to go way beyond the union rules, as it were," Lankford says.

Lankford loves the work but says it has been challenging making his 50 daily deliveries since Katrina. The charity lost one of its two vans to Katrina's flood waters, forcing them to cut the delivery service in Vancleave and Gautier. That means more than 100 people on those routes aren't getting the meals they need.

"Food is life, and when there is no food there is no life," says Lankford.

Lankford hopes someone or organization can provide a extra vehicle to help complete their mission of feeding the hungry.

"It does not have to be new. It could be three, four, five years old. We can take it and drive it to Vancleave and Gautier and we can put anything in it help elderly people," says Lankford.

Moss Point's Grace Stanovich is 94, and says she can't do much cooking anymore. She says getting a hot meal means the world to her.

"I have to use one of those old meals you have to stick in the microwave at noon, and you get tired of eating those things over and over," says Stanovich.

Lankford hopes the Gautier and Vancleave areas can get that same curbside service again.

If you would like to donate a vehicle to Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula or would just like to volunteer call the center at 228-769-7510.