Volunteers Making Gutted Houses Homes Again

Americorp volunteers are braving the heat in protective suits and masks to muck out the mold and mildew inside the homes that make up Hope Six. Tray Deadwyler and Amity Tripp are return volunteers...both served with the organization in different parts of the country. "When we saw the house yesterday, went through the houses yesterday we had eight feet of water you could see the water marks and we kinda imagined that and seeing that the TV really doesn't do it justice until you come down here and see it," says Deadwyler.  Tripp says, 
"We're doing the last step which is scrubbing and fighting the mold so it can be cleaned out enough to come in drywall, carpet and get it ready. We're trying to get it ready by the anniversary of the hurricane so the residents can move in."

Americorps volunteers have been working in the six southern counties since right after the storm. This is the first day of a month long commitment by the group whose members say they know housing is such a critical need here.  "This area, these people need to come back here and get the city up and running again and any way we can help we're here,"says volunteer Stephanie Martinez.

Nine months after the hurricane hundreds of people are still giving their time to rebuild the coast and get those who lost their homes back in them again.