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Some Illinois Volunteers Work To Help Storm Victims On This Memorial Holiday

"It is work before play,"says Illinois Volunteer Jeff Weis.

And for hours these five men did just that. sanding and texturing this flooded home in Pascagoula .

But there were no barbecue or hot dogs at this site, just the hot Mississippi sun barreling down on the workers.

''If it was 15 degrees cooler it would be a lot nicer but what do you expect around this time,"says Illinois Volunteer Jeff Weis.

"I do not like hot dogs, but hamburgers I miss," says Illinois Volunteer Brett Wideman.

This is 17 Year old Brett Wideman first time in Pascagoula. and though he has been laboring all day, he says it feels great to be away from home.

"I get away from my parents for a week so it is a vacation,"Brett Wideman .

It is also a much need getaway for Jeff Weis who would usually be parked in front of a TV set at this time.

"Usually I am watching the Indy 500," says Jeff Weis.

While this is not a typical Memorial Day for these workers, but they do not mind, working while others take the day off.

They say they're just happy to help on South Mississippi's road to recovery.

 "Even though Illinois and Mississippi are a ways away, we empathize with their situation and want to do what can to help them out," says Jeff Weis.

And the volunteers say helping people rebuild their homes and lives is thanks enough.

"It is very rewarding for everybody if they get a chance to come to down here help out there neighbor, and I think it good learning experience," says Jeff Weis.

By Patrice Clark.

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