Don Culpepper Reports On Hardships Of Holding This Years All Harley Blowout

Dusty Wright of Omaha Nebraska clutches a barnacle covered cup she found on this, her first ever trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"It's must have come out of a souvenir shop and it says Biloxi beach on it," says Wright. "And it came from Katrina."

Cruising Highway 90 has long been a tradition for the visitors to the All Harley Memorial Day Blowout.

And like Dusty, Brandy Springsteen of Foley Alabama has just had her first glimpse at the new post Katrina scenery.

"It's terrible," says Springsteen. "It's devastating. I feel terrible for the people who live here."

This years Blowout Queen Andi Meadows from Long Beach is one of those people.

"I stayed," says Meadows. "My house got destroyed in Long Beach. I lived 4 blocks from the beach."

The Gulfport Dragway, the 24 year home to the Blowout, received it's own share of hurricane damage.

"There were a lot of downed trees out here and they built some new roads and they did a whole lot," says Meadows. "It's just amazing to see how it turned out after all."

For Syracuse New York Native Dick Whipple, this is the first break he's taken since arriving here in late January to work.

"You guys came up for 9/11 so it's kind of a swap you know, come down here and help you guys out too," says Whipple.

And people like him are exactly why the Asguard Motorcycle Club, the events main organizer were determined to hold the blow out this year, despite the lack of hotels, restaurants, and other amenities.

"The party starts at that front gate and the hardship stops and that's what it's all about," says Race Track Announcer Red Roberts from Waco Texas.

Besides, who's better at roughing it than people who routinely cross the country on 2 wheels.

"I'm glad to rough it," says Constance Pavolini of Lufkin Texas. "Give me a pup tent and a Harley and I'm happy."