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Marine Patrols Out in Full Force

Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of the summer boating season. 

Boats swarmed coast waters this weekend as people headed out to relax and enjoy their day.

But the pleasure of boating also comes with responsibility, and marine patrols were out in full force this weekend to make sure things went safely and smoothly.

Sunday was Timothy Buehler's first time out on the water since the storm.

He says the fish weren't biting, but he did catch the attention of the Harrison County Sheriff's Marine Patrol.

"I'd like to see your registration," Lt. Robbie Cox of the Harrison County Sheriff's Marine Patrol said. "Thank you sir. And do you have enough life jackets? One for everybody? Hold 'em up a little bit."

Buehler passed the Marine Patrol's inspection with flying colors.

He says boating safety is not something he takes lightly.

"Nobody walks away from a boating accident, so you have to be prepared all the way around jackets, horn, radio, everything," Buehler said.

The Coast Guard Auxilliary also conducted inspections back on land to make sure things were in check before the boaters hit the water. "

Lt. Cox says these type of inspections will be going on all summer.

Marine Patrols will be keeping a close eye out for reckless driving and boating under the influence.

Marine patrols are also urging boaters to watch out for debris.

"There's a lot of debris since the storm," Lt. Cox said. "They're trying to remove debris, but it's like normal boating days, even before the storm, you have to watch where you're going, look for the obvious, if you can see something floating, then you avoid it."

The Harrison County Sheriff's Marine Patrol, the State Marine Patrol, and the Coast Guard are working together to patrol the water.

By Toni Miles

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