Jackson County Residents Find Different Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

"It takes me about 65 to 70 dollars a week if not a little more. So instead of spending money to travel this holiday weekend," says Vancleave Colby Sullivan.

Colby Sullivan and his son decided to take a different trip, to Sears.

"It is relaxing, that is why we are here today, enjoying the air conditioning," says Sullivan

Ocean Springs resident Maxine Thelen says it is hard to beat the bargains on Memorial Day weekend.

"It is much better to buy what I am going to need than spending money to travel," says  Thelen.

Singing River Mall was not the only place packed this weekend

Children, parents,and couples also packed the beach in Pascagoula to enjoy the sunny skies and cool water.

" Have little barbecue out here, bring the to kids play in the water, and have a little fun. Usually during this time," says Ocean Springs Resident Shad Milligan.

Usually during this time Shad Milligan and his family pack the car to hit the road.

He says the increased price at pump has put a stop to that family tradition.

" They are way to high it makes it way hard to travel," say Milligan.

According to Triple A gas prices have actually decreased in last month, about 23 cents, and it expected to stay at an average of 269 this Memorial Day weekend.

But Milligan says that drop in price is still not enough.

"It is over 2 dollars not until it gets under," says Milligian

For now residents say their just happy to have a couple of days off for relaxation and enjoyment.