Vancleave Artist Turns Katrina Debris Into Art

Now to Jackson County and the story of one man's mission to turn debris from Katrina into eye-catching works of wooden art.

Randy Fountain is showcasing that art which he calls the "Remnants of Katrina" at the Art House in Ocean Springs.

Patrice Clark talked with Fountain about what inspires him to make these unique wooden creation.

"My friends would say I am the last person to do anything artistic," says artist Randy Fountain.

But back in May of 2000 Fountain defied his friends and tried his hand at art, not with a paintbrush but with wood.

" I just fell in love with it,"says artist Randy Fountain.

Now this Vancleave wood turner is using his artistic platform to turn the destruction of Katrina into beautiful works of wooden art.

"This is a little bowl that is made from a cherry tree that was in front of my house knocked down by Katrina. These are some other items these are desk clocks and I also have little tooth pick holders, and here another different clock from Oak Burl,"says Fountain.

Fountain says some of his greatest art work is made with colors and patterns of destroyed Maple, Pecan, Live Oak, and Red Oak trees.

Those creations range from a wooden sculpture of the state of Mississippi to eye catching ornaments made from Cypress.

"This is a piece of water oak, it actually from a burl. A burl is growth on the side of a tree, it looks like a big knot, and there patterns as you can see or total chaos."says Fountain.

Through this creative process, Fountain says people can cherish these unique works of art for years to come.

" A lot of people want a piece of Katrina so they can give as a gift. A lot have gotten some for the volunteers that come down here as a little reminder a thank you of what they did. And that probably is something they would hang on to forever,"says Fountain.