D'Iberville Woman Gets A House That Faith Built

A newly-restored home in D'Iberville is simply called the house that faith built.

"Faith in its simplest form is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Simply believe, and it's going to happen," said Lemoyne Boulevard Baptist Church's Rev. James Johnson.

And it has finally happened for Sherry Glanemann.

She lost her home of 43 years to Katrina, and 40 years worth of her insurance payments did not pay off.

But even though she was down, her faith was up.

"Every night when I would pray, I would ask God to let tomorrow be different. I couldn't handle much more. Kept doing that and it happened. And if you've never seen a miracle, this is one," said Glanemann.

It's a miracle that came into being after a lifelong friend from Lemoyne Boulevard Baptist Church stepped in to help. Rev. James Johnson did not know how he could help, but he wanted to try his best.

"We have no money to build. But I said there's volunteers coming through our church everyday, every week. And I made a folder up about the history of her life and what her income, and how she's a sickly person, how she lost everything. She had no means of rebuilding. And I asked them to take it back to their churches," said Rev. Johnson.

They did, and word got back to two long time volunteer builders - one from Mississippi, the other from Texas.

"I felt that we could do a job, and of course God would give us not only the guidance to lead us here but he would provide the means whereby he did as you can well see," said project coordinator Bill Whitaker.

"Very humbling. Very humbling because its a great undertaking but we have been part of groups where we have built an entire church in one month, so we knew it could be done," said project coordinator J. B. Ralson.

And through that faith, Sherry Glanemann now has a place to call home once again.

"Wonderful. Wonderful. Can't wait to get the furniture in to stay. Can't wait to stay," said Glanemann.

Nearly 85 volunteers from all over the country helped to rebuild Mrs. Glanemann's home.

If you would like help rebuilding your home through Lemoyne Boulevard Baptist Church in D'Iberville, then stop by Lemoyne Boulevard Baptist Church at 15005 Lemoyne Boulevard and fill out an application.

Church leaders will talk to you and see what your needs are, and they will try to meet your need as much as possible.

However, there is a waiting list.