Biloxi Family Adopted By Illinois Couple

When Altha Delacruz saw her family home for the first time after the storm, she was in total shock, not realizing what was in front of her very eyes.

"You could hardly see the house. The debris was just every where," says Delacruz.

Inside the two story house built in the early 1900's Delacruz looks back on the few family heirlooms she was able to salvage.

She says just a few months ago her future was uncertain.

"Being overwhelmed is a constant. You just have to think one thing at a time," says Delacruz.

Little did she know, the generosity she and her sister, Ruth, showed to a young lady named Rhiannon Puckett from Illinois was about to come back full circle.

"A young woman my sister met down here had needed a place to stay, and she became a member of our family. We just basically adopted her."

That adoption took place in 2000. Six years later the sisters heard wonderful news.

"Her mom and dad have decided that my sister Ruth is Rhiannon's angel. And since she was Rhiannons angel, they intend to be Ruth's angel," says Delacruz.

The Puckett family is scheduled to come to South Mississippi mid June to help the sisters rebuild their home and lives.

Delacruz says she's excited, and the generosity and help of so many has helped to lift her spirits.

"The entire coast would be in a horrible situation if we did not have the kindness of strangers. People who don't even know us, who don't have any kind of connection down here but they still come down to help," says Delacruz.

She still needs your help.

The Puckett family will be driving down in campers, but they have no place to hook them up.

If you can help contact Delacruz at 760-1364.