Nationwide Employer Helps Its South Mississippi Employees

It's a sight Polly Pace has been waiting almost nine months to see.

"It is starting to look like home," says Pace.

And her home - particularly her roof, carport, and porch - is starting to come together thanks to a company that is close to her heart.

Her husband and son work for Weyerhaeuser Company, and the company has sent employees over the last four months to help all of their South Mississippi co-workers on the road to recovery.

"They have sent volunteers down every Sunday. We get a new group of volunteers, people from Canada, Washington, Oregon, all over the United States that have come, giving two weeks of their time, and have helped us in Mississippi rebuild their homes," said Pace.

It's all part of the company's loaned employee program, which pays salaries and transportation costs for employees who volunteer to help in recovery efforts.

And until all 22 South Mississippi employees are back in their homes, company volunteers will be rotating in and out of the area on a weekly basis.

"As a company I think we realize that our employees are committed to us. We have employees that have been with us for 20, 30, 40, even 50 years, and I think the company and our leadership looks at that and says that's the kind of commitment that we get from our employees. Now when a problem occurs like this and we have probably over 100 families in the area here that also have been affected, the company then is honoring its commitment to its employees," said Weyerhaeuser Company employee Mark Starnes.

And for that commitment, Polly Pace says she is humbled.

"From the president of the company, all the way down to John Sanamaker, my husband's immediate boss, thank you," said Pace.

And while the volunteers are here, they are staying in what's called a "Global Village" at the Mississippi National Guard Armory in Gulfport.

The ten corrugated huts, which house two people each, were designed and built by Weyerhaueser.