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Vrazels Rebuilds and Reopens In Gulfport

Highway 90 in Gulfport has a brighter spot now that a popular dining destination has its name back up in lights.

Vrazels, a well known fine dining restaurant, opened almost 20 years ago right on the beach in Gulfport.  

The casinos came, and Vrazels stayed.  Katrina came, and Vrazels was gutted. But with hard work Vrazels has reopened. 

Wednesday night the restaurant celebrated its return at the original location.

Owner William Vrazel says even though they were wiped out by Katrina, he had no reservations about rebuilding.

"Vrazels is known to be here and its a good place to be. Were just going to take our best chance and ask God to protect us from the next storm," Vrazel says.

Vrazel says people can still enjoy the same types of tasty cuisine; their classic menu is basically the same.

But, he says he did add a few vegetarian dishes.

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