Greyhound Buses Roll Again After Accident

The only people who were at the Biloxi Greyhound Station late Wednesday morning were the workers. The manager says earlier, they turned passengers away after telling them about the accident in Tennessee that stopped all bus traffic for several hours.

"No one got mad," station manager Jay Juanico said. "Everyone understood what was going on and they said they would come back."

Passengers started showing up at the Gulfport station after lunch. The first bus of the day arrived at 2:15 from New Orleans, headed to Tallahassee. The driver says all the buses were running behind, anywhere from 15 minutes to four hours.

"Yes, because we're just getting started, resumed schedules at 12:15. I'm the first one out of New Orleans," driver K.C. Br

Before anyone boarded, Bryant carefully checked their bags. Passengers watched saying they didn't mind the extra security measures. In his 30 years on the road, Bryant says he's never seen such tense working conditions.

"Searching every bag and leery of everything,"

Mary Lowe was supposed to get on a bus at 8:50 headed to Michigan The accident put her travel plans on hold temporarily. Despite what happened she says she's not scared to ride the bus.

"I feel all right myself," Lowe said. "I'