Temporary Voting Buildings Set Up In Hancock County

Hurricane Katrina left her mark on almost every home and business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, voting precincts were no exception.

Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk, Karen Ruhr says "Trees on the roofs, some of the buildings completely gone, windows washed out."

The rest of the story is a tree that crushed the roof of the Catahoula voting precint.

Nine metal buildings will now serve as temporary voting precincts.

Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk Karen Ruhr; says the new voting spots will be in the same locations of the destroyed precints.

"That way it will stop less confusion for the voter it's important that everybody knows that you will vote in the same place that you always vote," Ruhr says.

She says it's a quick fix to a serious problem.

"It's kind of like everybody out there we had to do what we had to do to make this election go ahead. We hope this is going to be a short term fix for us. We'll be using them for the June Primary election and then the November general election. What's going to happen next year we're kind of uncertain right now," Ruhr says.

The new electronic touch screen voting machines will debut at all precincts throughout Hancock County, Tuesday June 6th.

Chairman Election Commission, Gary Gilmore says , "If you can use an ATM credit card, you can use one of the machines. The machine is programmed that when the person comes up, you find who you want to vote for and you just touch it. Then if you say, well I made a mistake, you touch it, it erases it and gives you another chance. I think the people will find they're very simple to use."

Gilmore says he expects the June primary to go smoothly.

Election officials say another concern is a lack of people to work the polls.

If you're interested in becoming a pollster contact Gary Gilmore at 255-4396.

And if you plan to be out of town June 6th, you can still cast an absentee ballot this Saturday at the Circuit Clerk's office between 8 am and noon.

You'll need to go to trailer number seven at the temporary county government complex on Longfellow Road.