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Construction On Affordable Housing Underway In Hancock County

After Katrina, Double A Homes Incorporated teamed up with Prudential Gardner Realtors to give people reasonably priced housing. Those involved say this project is very close to their hearts.  

Since the hurricane, crews for Double A Homes have seen their work area expand out of Louisiana and into Hancock County. The company wanted to open the door for people who felt Katrina put homeownship out of their price range.

Alan Forbes of Double A Homes says, "Our houses are anywhere from $105,000 and $130,000,  and our goal is to provide houses for the workers to help rebuild everything here. Without houses, we could not fill the jobs that are needed in this area and are going to be needed throughout this area."

With about 20 of the 200 homes already under construction in Bayside Park, realtor James Franklin is excited about the future. The houses range from 1,300 to 1,500 square feet, have nine foot ceilings and come with appliances including washer and dryer.

"We were trying to meet the needs, and right now, that's one of the needs," says Franklin. "I'm in a FEMA trailer and having to find a place to do laundry and just basic necessities. We figure we'd just put everything in there. "

The realtors and builders say their compassion for people who need homes comes from also having lost everything to Katrina.

Franklin says, "When you've experienced it yourself. I mean you can actually feel it."

"I'm so excited about this. I truly am,"  says Forbes. "I lost everything in Katrina. The Realtors lost everything in Katrina. Everyone knows what Katrina did to all of us, and to come back and start the rebuilding process here in Bay St. Louis, it's just a real honor."

Realtors say the houses Double A is building are on some of the highest ground in Hancock County which should carry lower insurance costs. For more information Prudential Gardner at 228-388-4430 or 547-3887.

by Danielle Thomas

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