Hundreds Turn Out For Biloxi's Reviving The Renaissance Meeting

Although many Biloxi residents still have their hands full with rebuilding their homes and other post-Katrina tasks, it didn't stop hundreds of city residents from turning out to hear Biloxi's Reviving the Renaissance Committe's recommendations for the city as a whole.

One of those recommendations was relocating the CSX railroad tracks.

"One thing, it keeps 26 trains from coming through here every day that don't stop. They don't deliver a thing to the city of Biloxi. They have no customers in the city of Biloxi," said Gen. Clark Griffith.

Affordable housing was another topic discussed at the meeting. The Beau Rivage is set to employ more than 3,000 people in August. And that has many people wondering where those employees and other south Mississippians will find affordable housing.

"Gaming industry's got to partner with us for workforce housing," Griffith said.

Griffith and others at the meeting agree affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing the city. Residents voiced their opinions about this and many other issues during the citizens' comments period.

"All the homes that have been torn down, what are we going to replace those with, as far as affordable housing? What are we going to do as far as getting our people out of our FEMA housing into affordable housing," asked one resident.

Citizens' comments will be reviewed by the Reviving Renaissance Committee.