Three More Sections Of Beach To Open This Weekend

Crews are busy cleaning the newest areas of the beach to open and providing plenty of safe public access.

Harrison County Beach Director Bobby Weaver says, "We've got one little small section of boardwalk that's missing, so we're putting some provisions in there to make sure we barricade the particular area to keep people from parking and maybe walking through one of the damaged sections of the boardwalk."

The damaged boardwalk is one potential hazard people need to avoid. The water is another. Although the signs say stay out, some tourists ignore them and don't seem to mind dodging the debris that's still there.

"We've done our job as far as posting, putting the signs up, informing the public of the condition. Certainly you can see a limb here and limb there still up. That's obvious, but there's a lot of hidden things that's lying down around the bottom and people really just need to think twice before they venture out there," Weaver says.

The beach has always been a visitors favorite, and even with the water off limits, Tourism Director Steve Richer says it will still be so over the holiday weekend.

"It's very obvious when you drive around here on the weekends you see a lot of activity already on the beach, so people are coming in big numbers. I know the visitors and the locals appreciate having this beach as part of their experience here on the Gulf Coast," says Harrison County Tourism Director Steve Richer.

He says it was good when three sections opened last month. Now he says it's even better with three more ready to welcome beach lovers.

Weaver says on June 9th, the beach between Pitcher Point and Espy Avenue in Pass Christian will open. You won't see any beach vendors however. Weaver says until further notice, no vendor licenses are being issued.