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Photographer Tackles Trash Problems

Charlie Taylor is an amateur photographer who enjoys shooting wildlife and outdoor scenes along the coast. But he's constantly disturbed by another picture he's frequently finding.

Illegal dumping along roadsides and in coast waterways has caught Taylor's attention. And he's determined to do something about such eyesores.

The natural beauty of  the bayou along Old Stage Road is the kind of scene Charlie Taylor likes to photograph. But a closer look at the outdoor scene reveals the ugliness left behind by uncaring visitors.

The bayou and nearby roadside have become a dumping ground.

"Nature disposes of stuff. What nature disposes of is recycled into the earth and provides a home and food to creatures and plants. What man disposes of will be here for years. Maybe even hundreds of thousands of years," said Taylor.

A careful look reveals the wide variety of junk tossed into the waterway or alongside the woods.

"It's a shame to see this. And every time I come back here, there's been something added to it."

Taylor wants to do something about such illegal dumping. That's why he's created a slide show that highlights coastal beauty and the piles of junk that often mar such beauty.

"If we get one site picked up, we've accomplished something. If we get one person not to do it, we've accomplished something."

With just a little extra effort, those who dump their junk along roadsides can bring it instead to the Jackson County landfill on Seaman Road.

The landfill accepts everything from old refrigerators to bicycles. And the dump site is available free to anyone who lives in the county.

Disposal supervisor Dale Hickam says education will go a long way toward solving the problem of illegal dumps.

"Just making people aware that there are places they can take these things. And they don't have to dump them on dirt roads and things like that. It just takes a little bit more time, that's all," said Hickam.

It's a little time that could create a much more pleasing picture.

Charlie Taylor is offering to present his slide show about illegal dumps to any interested club or civic group along the coast.

You can reach Taylor at (228) 872-4554.

By Steve Phillips

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