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Disabled Pascagoula Woman Gets Remodeled Home

The post Katrina future is looking up for one disabled Pascagoula women. Ruth Trehurn's home was ruined thanks to four feet of water inside her Pascagoula home.

She's been living in a FEMA trailer ever since. With no insurance and little money to pay for repairs, Trehurn was starting to lose hope.

That hope is now restored thanks to a group of church volunteers from Mississippi and North Carolina.

Packing has been Ruth Trehurn's main goal. After nine months, she'll soon be moving back into her newly repaired home.

"It is going to be one of the happiest days of my life," Trehurn says.

But for a while Trehurn says her days didn't look as bright. Like so many others flood water from the storm damaged the inside of her home, and she had no money to pay for repairs.

Trehurn says, "I really thought I would have to walk away and just sell it as it was."

But thankfully Trehorn was able to get help from volunteers with the First Untied Methodist Church in Pascagoula, Laurel and even North Carolina. Volunteers who are now remodeling her home from top to bottom.

Trehurn says, "I feel like I am in a dream, and I am not going to wake up."

Now Trehurn is counting the days until she can walk out of her small FEMA trailer for good.

Trehurn says, "This is my beautiful home."

While the volunteers are still working to put those last minute touches on her home, Trehurn took time to take a look at the fruits of their labor.

"This is my new bathroom, and this is my new light," Trehurn says. "This is my first piece of furniture, and it was donated to me. It will look good in my bedroom, and it sits good too."

Trehurn says she's not only getting a newly remodeled home, but also a new sense of faith, thanks to the kindness of volunteers.

Trehurn says, "I have come closer to God from this and I am really humble and thank them so much."

Volunteers from the First United Methodist Church of Laurel are also helping to re-furnish Trehurn's home. They're hoping she'll be able to move back in by the end of this week.

By Patrice Clark

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