Neighbors Sticking Together No Matter What

For a group of Jackson county neighbors "All or nothing" is more than a phrase, it's a way of life. Katrina dumped 12 feet of water into homes on Nassau Circle in Porteaux Bay.  After the storm, neighbors got together to make an important decision on whether to stay and rebuild or move away.

As a high school coach, Wayne Whitehead might say his street is 12 for 12.  Twelve houses on Nassau Circle were flooded by Katrina and twelve homeowners are all coming back.

"We all got together after the hurricane and all decided to rebuild and stay," says Whitehead. "Our whole cul-de-sac is in the process of rebuilding and coming back together."

Most homeowners here are not only repairing but putting on additions. Tommie Walls believes had the vote gone the other way, Nassau Circle would look very different right now.

Walls says, "Probably if one person decided not to come back, our whole cul-de-sac probably wouldn't have come back."

Neighbors say they were close nit before Katrina. Now the storm has only strengthened their bond.

Wayne Whitehead says, "We all knew each other and we were all committed to coming back. If someone else starts rebuilding, it makes it even easier for you to stay."

Tommie Walls agrees, "It seems like the we're family and we do anything for each other. It's one of the best feelings I ever had."

Neighbors say when they voted to stay and rebuild they didn't know what the future might bring, they just knew they wanted to face it together. They say their children being close friends played a big part in the decision to stay.