South Mississippians Respond To Controversial Movie

The "Da Vinci Code" has caused boycotts all over the world.

The idea that Jesus married and fathered children is considered by some to be heresy.

Well, here among the fun at this year's International Spring Festival, we wanted to hear what South Mississippians think of such a controversial novel being brought to the big screen.

"I believe that a lot of these things are just, you know people like to distort things, but a lot of these things go back in history. I also believe that Jesus Christ is divine," said Ursula Harris.

"If people just perceive it as what it is and that's fiction, then it shouldn't have a negative effect because he says at the start of the book that it was fiction. He said it was a complete work of fiction," said Joseph Reiling.

"I think everybody has the right to their own opinion. I have my own beliefs in what I believe and nobody is gonna shake them," said Carol Rigby.

"I think people need to remember it's a work of fiction and it strictly is a movie and you can take what you want from it just as you can with everything, but I think that the truth will always shine through. I believe people of the Christian faith, they know what the truth is," said Stacy Baer.

"I think it's nice to hear someone else's opinion on religion and other things. I'm definitely going to see it," said Vanessa Pavolini.

"If it cause people to talk, to question , and to study more, I think it's a good thing, and hopefully a lot of good will come out of it," said Father Patrick Mockler of Our Lady of Fatima.

The movie has received a ``morally offensive'' rating from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Christian leaders in China, Singapore, India, South Korea, Thailand and elsewhere have tried to get the film censored or banned.