Sheriff Free On Bond

George County Sheriff George Miller has been released on bond after spending the weekend in jail. Sheriff Miller now faces criminal charges for threatening a witness involved in a federal investigation.

The charge stems from a conversation Sheriff Miller had with an official from the First National Bank of Lucedale Friday afternoon. According to testimony from the arresting FBI Agent, Miller threaten Jack Ware for lying in court and said, "You lied on me and I'm going to get you". Sheriff Miller took the stand in his defense and said the conversation was blown out of portion saying, "I would never hurt anyone. I need to get back to my job. I never threatened anybody".

Sheriff Miller and Ware were both witnesses in the Lucedale bank's lawsuit that names Miller's son and their family's logging business. The judge decided after hearing from four witnesses that there was enough evidence to proceed with a criminal trial.

Around 60 George County residents where at Federal Courthouse in Gulfport in support Sheriff Miller. The group was made up friends and family members along with officials from the sheriff's department and the county. Miller's attorney says everyone in George County is ready to move forward.

Sheriff Miller's Attorney Walter Nixon said,  "I think it's time to put a closure to this case and hopefully that will be the case here. As you can see from the great out pouring of citizens here today and his support how well thought of he is in George County."

No trial date has been set. Miller is out on a five thousand dollar bond and must stay away from all witnesses involved with the case. Sheriff Miller says he plans to go back to work immediately.

Although the bank's 28 million dollar lawsuit is over, there may be more court proceedings. Local F-B-I agents testified that they are gathering evidence for a possible criminal trial against many of the people involved in last week's lawsuit.