Wild Game Donated To Area Churches

Sharing the bounty is nothing new for Safari Club International.

"We believe that we are good stewards of all of the animals that we are able to harvest," says Harold McDonald of the Safari Club's Magnolia Chapter.

And this was a good year for deer hunting in the state of Texas. When Harold McDonald, a board member with the Safari Clubs Magnolia Chapter, got a call that a chapter in Texas had more than 3,200 pounds of ground deer meat for South Mississippi, his only problem was getting it here.

"I didn't know how it could be done, but with the Lord's help, it got done."

A Texas transportation company and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks pitched in, and now the donations are going to the volunteers helping South Mississippi recover.

"We are getting it distributed today to seven churches in this area that are still feeding these people," says McDonald.

Churches like St. Paul's Methodist Church in Ocean Springs. They've welcomed nearly 6,000 volunteers to their tables, three times a day, six days a week, since early September.

"We've had volunteers from all 50 states and about 15 foreign counties," says Mitchell Hedgepeth, Senior Pastor at St. Paul's. "This is really a treat. It certainly is. We're blessed to be able to have freezers to put them in. So we'll put them in freezers and I'm sure the volunteers will be excited to get fresh venison."

And while for many, this may be their first taste of wild game, McDonald is confident that once they try it, they'll like it.

"They're coming down here, they'll eat venison, and they'll go back to where ever they came from in the different states and areas that are helping us with really a good taste in their mouth of Mississippi."