Singing River Hospital System Again Named Top 100 Performance Improvement Leader

For the second year in a row, Singing River Hospital System, including both Ocean Springs Hospital and Singing River Hospital, has been named one of Solucient's 100 Top Hospitals® Performance Improvement Leaders.

"I cannot tell you how proud I am of this accomplishment and recognition," said Chris Anderson, SRHS Chief Executive Officer. "Receiving this honor two years in a row demonstrates further that we are committed to the highest possible level of service in our community."

The Solucient study recognizes U.S. hospitals and their leadership teams that made the greatest progress in improving hospital-wide performance over five years (2000-2004).

Solucient is considered the nation's most respected health care evaluation service.

This study was published in the May 1 edition of Modern Healthcare, a health care trade journal. Out of almost 3,000 hospitals included in this independent nationwide study, Solucient determined that a majority of U.S. hospitals showed no appreciable change in overall performance since 2000.

However, they found a small, but elite, group of Performance Improvement Leaders, like SRHS, has shown a clear ability to improve across their entire organization.

The analysis also found that the selected hospitals made gains in the following key measures of hospital performance between 2000 and 2004:

  • Growth in patient volume
  • Risk-adjusted patient safety index
  • Risk-adjusted complications index
  • Risk-educated mortality index
  • Severity-adjusted average length of stay
  • Expense per adjusted discharge
  • Profitability
  • Cash to total debt ratio
  • Tangible assets

SRHS was recognized as one of just 20 large community hospitals nationally to receive this honor.

Other hospitals winning the Solucient award included Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and University Medical Center at Princeton in Princeton, N.J.

"Those hospitals that have successfully accomplished this goal are clearly deserving of this award," said Jean Chenoweth, Solucient's senior vice president of performance improvement and 100 Top programs. "Five years of steady, well-aligned improvement means that these 100 Performance Improvement Leaders have enormously increased the value they provide to their communities."

"Working together to make improvements, we have shown that we are one of the very best hospitals in our region," added Anderson. "We are capable of consistently and dramatically improving across a range of important clinical and business initiatives and will continue to do so as we strive for world-class performance at both Singing River Hospital and Ocean Springs Hospital."