Feed My Sheep Sporter Calvin Wilson Dies

Folks at "Feed My Sheep" soup kitchen in Gulfport will miss their interaction with Calvin Wilson. For more than a decade, Wilson was a tireless supporter there. He worked alongside his wife.

"Calvin did love "Feed My Sheep". And he was very faithful for 13 years. Calvin was here on a daily basis seeing that everybody who wanted something to eat, got something to eat," said Judy Wilson.

They named the kitchen after Calvin earlier this year. But his giving meant more than meals. Calvin Wilson met people's needs. Like the time he gave up his shoes.

It's his wife's favorite story.

"And Calvin took the boots off his feet and gave them to the man. Then Calvin went to K-Mart with his socks on and bought some shoes on the way home," Judy Wilson recalled.

Calvin Wilson retired from "Feed My Sheep" early this year because of failing health. He and his wife were recognized for their dedicated service.