Protestors, Attorneys Call For Action In Williams Case

A crowd estimated to be in excess of 200, came to the Harrison County Courthouse Monday night, looking for justice to be served.

They attended a public vigil in honor of Jesse Lee Williams, the Harrison County Jail inmate, who died while in the custody of county jailers on February 4th. That was 100 days ago, and the attorneys for the Williams Family wonder when someone will be held accountable for Williams' death.

"The government wants us to have faith in a system that, 100 days after the fact, has yet to bring forth the first charge, has yet to make the first arrest, has yet to present any facts to a Grand Jury seeking an indictment," said family attorney John Whitfield.

There are still many questions about what happened to Jesse Lee Williams and why it happened. Family attorney Michael Crosby says he and co-counsel John Whitfield are frustrated.

Crosby said they organized this event to provide comfort and hope to the Williams Family. In the crowd were Jessie Lee Williams' seven children and his youngest sister Rhonda Williams. She had a message for those who allegedly beat her brother.

"The same way the dragged my brother, strangled him, sprayed him, I would like the same to be done to them if I could do it," Rhonda Williams said.

"This is about good and evil, it is simple as that," Crosby told the crowd gathered at the courthouse.

Whitfield called on all elected officials to stop the stonewalling and start asking questions about the death of Jesse Lee Williams.

As the sun began to set Monday evening, the crowd lit their candles. Crosby said it symbolized the darkness turning into light. Those gathered at the vigil say they hope and pray justice will be done.