Dogs In Pascagoula Mauling Case Headed To Rehab

We have a follow-up report on the story of the Pascagoula girl mauled by the two rotweilers. On Monday, the dogs were headed to a rehabilitation camp at the owner's request.

State law would have allowed the animals to go back to their owner because this is the first time they've bitten someone.

Meanwhile, 9-year-old Fabiana Alveraz is still recovering from dozens of bites she recieved in the May 1st attack. Now, the Gulf Coast Latin American Assocation is stepping in to make sure the little girl's medical expenses are covered.

Andy Guerra with association said, "I'm going to try and see if we can have a fundraiser for her child to offset the medical costs at a minimum. That's not to downplay the responsibility of the owner and its insurer to ensure that this child is properly taken care of."

As for the dogs, Jackson County Animal Shelter Director Bill Richman says there's no guarantee the rehab training will work, but it's a way to give the animals a second chance without endangering the community.