Mississippians For Peace Rally In Jackson

"War is not the answer."

"They're murdering terrorists period."

A small gathering of Mississippians For Peace in Jackson soon turned into a shouting match between those denouncing America's reaction to the terrorist attacks and those supporting the call for war.

"What about those people who died in those towers?"

"I stand up for my country in a nonviolent way."

"It just seems like they were forgetting one thing what the United States has already done to so many people around the world and forgetting the supposed basis for everything that we do, 'liberty and justice for all,'" Mississippians For Peace organizer Jan Hillegas said.

Jim Bradshaw of Jackson protested the peace rally.

"We should do exactly what the president says. We should rally behind him and allow the United States to go forth and attempt to stamp out terrorism," he said.

Jackson police maintained a presence, keeping both sides on opposite sides of the street. While turnout was low, emotions still ran high. At the end of the rally, neither group agreed on a solution.