South Mississippi Musician Writes Song Of Hope

"Everything is gonna be all right, sometimes I lay awake at night, wondering if everything really is gonna be all right," sings Mark "Mr. Mark" Thompson.

"It came to me in, right about December, because I was struggling so much with FEMA and SBA, and I was going back and forth and at a point I just felt like I've got to be my own FEMA or SBA. So I felt like I had to create something," said Thompson.

And that's exactly what Mark Thompson did.

After losing everything to Hurricane Katrina, and realizing like many South Mississippians that he would have to start over, he wrote this song "Everything Is Gonna Be All Right."

"Well, this song is actually kind of what I went through with the storm. You know, it's my therapy. My way of saying hey, you know getting my feelings out, coping with the storm you know because it traumatized a lot of people, me being one of them,"said Thompson.

"To remove my fears and then hide the pain, holding back my tears 'cause I'm not the same," sings Thompson.

Thompson, who uses the stage name "Mr. Mark", may not be the same, but he goes into this upcoming hurricane season accentuating the positive, and he hopes all South Mississippians do the same.

"I know in about 5 years how great it's gonna be here on the Coast as we rebuild, and I'm excited about it," said Thompson.

Thompson is also a Red Cross volunteer who provides music in various shelters during disasters.

If you would like more information on "Mr. Mark", just call 762-7205.