Two Gulfport Mothers Receive New Homes

Correna Robinson has been down this road before.

"Yes we have," shouts Robinson. "And I'm just as happy for her like it's mine."

She was the first to receive a new home through the St. James Baptist Church Disaster Recovery Ministry. On this day, she helped lead two of her church sisters to there new homes.

"Mother Wesley," says church pastor Eddie Hartwell. "I want to give you the key to your brand new home."

"This one is actually our 3rd move in," says Hartwell. "We have 3 more that are actually under construction and within the next 3 weeks we'll be breaking ground on 3 more and completing those other 3."

Bessie Wesley's new home on 26th street was built on the footprint of her old home which was damaged beyond repair by hurricane Katrina.

"Mud and water come up in here that high," says Wesley. "That high. I couldn't stay in that."

And she could never have afforded to rebuild, without the nationwide church partnerships that provide the St. James Recovery Ministry with donated materials and labor.

"We have been a part of helping to replace 100's of roofs that were damaged," says Hartwell. "We've taken out tons and tons of debris. Fed thousands of hot meals and housed thousands of volunteers."

Next, 73 year old Katie Mae Shields toured her new home. It replaces her old home which sheltered her from Katrina, but was also damaged beyond repair.

"I was in the house," says Shields. "That was scary for a little while; it was, but I thought about the good lord. And I asked him to take care of me."

Never did she guess the answer to that prayer would be this.

"I'm gonna set at the welcome table one of these days," sing Shields and Robinson while setting at her new kitchen table.