Military Medals Found In The Woods of Diamondhead

A box filled with military treasures were found in Diamondhead's South side.

Veteran Jim Odom went in search of his own personal items and instead found someone else's cherished memories.

"I walked down here about 100 yards through all of the debris and downed trees looking to see if I could find something that belonged to us but I didn't find anything. But then I found this box," said Odom as he retraced his steps through the woods.

He found military medals inside of a broken display case.

Odom and his wife Jeane believes the medals belong to a World War Two veteran.

"And there's one that gives the year 1945, so we know that he was in W.W.II," said Jeane Odom as she points to the retrieved medals.

Outside their trailer parked on the remains of what use to be their dream home, Jim looks through the broken display case filled with proud memories.

"He is listed as a private, there's a private stripe here," said Odom who is a veteran himself of the Mississippi National Guard.

So he understands the significance of these military honors.

"Having a background in the military I know if it had been my medals I would have loved for someone to have found them and returned them to me," said Odom.

"Fifth infantry division is what that says," says Jeane Odom who also understands their meaning.

Taking great care to clean the medals and placing an add hoping to find the rightful owners.

"When we saw the medals, we realized that they belonged to someone who had an outstanding military career. And they would want it back whether they were living or not. The family would probably want them," said Mrs. Odom.

"When I found those I said somebody was really proud of his medals to have mounted them like that. And I hope that I can find the owner," said Odom.

The Odoms say they were contacted by two different people who believe the medals might belong to them.

They plan on meeting with the possible owners to make sure the medals get back into the hands of the person who earned them.