South Mississippi Woman Still Waiting For FEMA Trailer

It's hard to believe nearly nine months after the Katrina some people are still homeless. Carolyn Nguyen survived the storm, but her life since then has been turbulent to say the least, as she's drifted from one place to another, waiting anxiously for her FEMA trailer.

"The water was almost 8 or 9 feet. I'm only 4' 11''," Nguyen said. "I don't know how to swim, but I'm very lucky. I had one gentleman. I don't know who he is, who he was. I had never seen him in my life. He said don't worry. Don't be scared. Hop on my back. I'll swim you out."

Thanks to the heroics of a complete stranger, Carolyn Nguyen escaped her Hope VI apartment with her life, but she says Katrina and looters left her with no possessions and no permanent place to live.

After living in two different shelters, and her car, Nguyen is now living with six other people in a small house in D'Iberville. She says she's still waiting on the FEMA trailer she applied for months ago.

"I would like to have a home to go to because I have been homeless for so long, so please help me. That's all I ask, a place to live, a roof over my head. I've been running around like a loose dog for almost the past nine months," Nguyen said.

Nguyen says she's thankful for the rental assistance she's already received from FEMA, but she feels like her pleas for a trailer have fallen on deaf ears.

"I've been to see FEMA, Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Pass Road, from here and there, I run around and run around, and I don't get nowhere. I don't get nothing. You know, I ask help, because I am the victim of the storm," she said.

We tried to contact FEMA about Ms. Nguyen's situation. Late Sunday, our phone calls were not immediately returned.

By Toni Miles