Gulfport Residents Speak Out Against Trailer Park

There were many questions and concerns over a variety of topics but one topic that got quite an emotional response Thursday evening - the construction of a FEMA trailer park near the intersection of Highway 90 and Broad Avenue.

"What happened to the charette where we were going to have Broad Avenue with cafes and shops. All another trailer park is going to do is lower our property values, it's going to increase traffic and crime," said one resident.

"We got trailers still laying across the street from the old park that was there. Every week, the cops were down there three nights to four nights and don't tell me it's gonna be different. When you get in the trailer park, you watch TV and what's happening over in Louisiana in trailer parks.They had to get it fenced in and they had to get federal order," said another resident.

"If you're worried that it's going to be permanent. Let me tell you, it's not," said Gulfport mayor Brent Warr.

"The main thing is these people don't have anything against somebody having a place to live. The thing is that you're putting it in a flood zone," one resident said.

"We know that this trailer park is not a good idea. We know that these trailers in high winds are going to blow out of there. They're being set in sand, so you cannot anchor those things effectively. The sad thing about it is that we're putting those people in harm's way, and we're putting the citizenry that live around that in harm's way. We're making the same mistake we made before," said yet another concerned resident.

By the end of the session, Councilwoman Libby Roland assured the concerned residents that the council will go back to the city attorney and revisit this topic to see if a better solution for the park's location is available.

Unless the council changes plans, once the site at Broad and Highway 90 has been completed, nearly 80 trailers will be placed on it for Gulfport residents who are unable to find housing.