Pennies To Go To Terrorist Victims

Students celebrated this pep rally wearing red, white and blue, singing patriotic music, and waving flags. Everyone's in high spirits for the big game against D'Iberville and the kids are especially proud of their efforts to raise nearly four thousand dollars for people in New York and Washington. Kip Gregory of K-99 radio accepted the money and praised the students for their generosity. "You've just taken care of a family to get back on the feet for the next coupla months," Gregory told the students.

Science teacher Robin Larsen came up with the fundraiser. The students in each class collected pennies until Wednesday morning. "When we started I was hopin' we could get a thousand dollars and I just, when we got the final count I could not believe that we had raised nearly four thousand dollars in eight days," Larsen says.  Each class president received a certificate for all the money the class raised. Students say the penny drive gave them a chance to unite for a good cause. "It was such a big disaster and everybody was in the spirit of it just knowin' that they could have something to do with something that could mean so much, it's just great," says Jessica Mallette. Rebekah Helmuth says, "It affected us, it touched our hearts, it broke our hearts and it touched our lives and it really hit close to home and we just wanted to do whatever we could to help." And Casey Elkins: says, "if we had more time to do it I think we could go real high, we could top it, we could top five or six thousand if we had more time but I think it's awesome that we raised three thousand seven hundred dollars in eight days." The kids say it's even more awesome that their donations will go to someone who needs it the most.