East Central School Bus Overturns, Students Treated For Minor Injuries

Nine East Central Students were hospitalized Thursday night after a school bus overturned in the Big Point community. The accident happened after 3pm on Lily Orchard Road. Officials say the students suffered only minor injuries.

"Two were airlifted to South Alabama, two went to Providence and the rest went to Singing River Hospital," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said.

Although the skid marks left on the road are obvious, officials say none of the nine kids was severely injured.

"You can see right here where the back wheel went off," Sheriff Byrd said while walking around the accident scene. " Up there is where the front wheel went off. She tried to correct it, but she couldn't and the weight of the bus brought her into the ditch. The side of the bus hit the embankment there."

Byrd says the bus driver wasn't going more than 30 miles an hour, and she did the best she could to prevent the accident. Neighbors say it's just a narrow road with sharp curves where accidents often occur.