Biloxi Drama Students Bring George Ohr's Life To The Stage

A new play based on the life of one of the coast's most famous artists could help children dealing with the emotional effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Biloxi High drama students are rehearsing the play "George Ohr Rising" which will debut later this month.

Two employees of the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum wrote the play. It centers around the adversities in Ohr's life - including a fire and a hurricane - and is intended for a fourth grade audience.

Co-writer Kathy Bristol hopes young people will be inspired hearing how Ohr used those tragedies to become a better artist.

"The message of overcoming. I mean these students have faced more adversity than many of us could even imagine, and maybe a small example of how George achieved greatness afterwards will just give them encouragement and a sense of history," Bristol said.

"George Ohr Rising" will debut next week in front of Beauvoir Elementary students. Bristol says performances at other area schools are planned for next school year.