East Central Student Killed In Auto Accident

Another South Mississippi teen has died in a car accident. Whitlee Davis, 16, was on her way to school at East Central High Monday morning when she was killed.

The accident happened on Highway 614, not far from the school. The Highway Patrol says a gas truck hit Davis' car.

Ainsley Vice will never forget the horror of seeing her best friend die right before her eyes.

"I saw the wreck, I saw it happen, I saw it in my rearview mirror," Vice said. "She had stopped by this morning to give me my stuff and get her shoes for school."

Whitlee Davis then followed Ainsley to school.

"I was a little in front of her. I pulled out and saw the 18-wheeler and said to myself, 'Surely she's not going to pull out.' But she did."

Ainsley and Whitlee's other best friend, Brandy Johnson, gathered with dozens of classmates to mourn their loss.

"She was just always happy-go-lucky, and always smiling," Johnson said. "We had just spent the whole weekend together. It just doesn't seem right for her to be gone."

Ainsley said Whitlee just had an accident on Friday about yard from the spot where she died. That experience left Whitlee uncomfortable about the future.

"She kept telling me and Brandy that she was having a feeling that she was going to die. That it was a wake up call. We were like, 'Whitlee, no it's not. You're not going to die.' She was like, 'I just know it.'"

For now, Whitlee's friends find comfort in reliving old memories. In between the laughs, though, come the tears.

"We knew that you could tell her your secrets and she wouldn't tell anyone. She was always there for her friends."

In a way, she still is. Whitlee's death has caused many East Central teens to realize they are not invincible and tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

"It's going to make me pay more attention when I'm driving. I just can't believe that she's gone," Johnson said.

Whitlee Davis was a junior at East Central High. She was a cheerleader for two years. Funeral arrangements have not been made yet.

by Jaimee Goad