A Gulfport Community Is Concerned With Flooding

A Gulfport community is concerned about potential flooding problems, especially with hurricane season fast approaching.  While people who live on Riverroad Drive have come to accept water spilling over from a nearby river as a fact of life, they say it's a whole different story since Katrina. Now that many residents are living in FEMA trailers, rather than homes, neighbors believe it's not a matter of if it will flood, but when.

"Last Saturday it was just above the center of the wheels. It came just between the second and the third step," Bobby Hanson says.

Flooding on Riverroad Drive is never a surprise to Bobby Hanson and his neighbors.

"It floods about seven or eight times a year. It'll get five feet deep here before it's over with, always. Everybody here has a skiff, and we tie up down the road to get back and forth to work."

When Katrina damaged their elevated houses many people went to live in FEMA trailers making the possiblity of flooding go from just an inconvienance to an overwhelming concern.

"Because everything we've got left is in a FEMA trailer. If it floats down the river with the FEMA trailer, we just lost it. We don't have nothing left," says Cheryl Moore. "It's a little nervous. It's nerve racking."

The Moores live in a FEMA trailer on the other end of Riverroad Drive.

Cherly Moore says if 40 mile per hour winds were enough to push river water into the front yard. She's afraid of what a hurricane might do.

"I'm worried about it especially since the forecast you know of this is supposed to be you know another rough year. I'm just praying it don't come this way but you know but I never thought Katrina would do what it did," says Moore.

Some neighbors say they can't afford to take chances with mother nature. They either have or are about to move back into homes still under repair. Others have their another remedy.

Bobby Hanson says, "I'll get my stuff out. They may lose that FEMA trailer. It may be gone. You may catch it going down the river."

"What little bit I do have left I guess I wouldn't want to lose it, but I guess when you don't have much, you don't worry as much," says Moore.