Don Culpepper Reports On Trend To Buy More Fuel Efficient New Cars

A salesman softens them up.

"We're gonna hug," say salesman "Smokin' Joe Moore" to Mary Reed of Gulfport.

But the Reed's are taking a long hard look at some particular numbers, Miles Per Gallon.

"We were looking at the Toyota Highlander there, and my husband is interested in the Camary," says Mary.

According to Brooke Allen, Customer Relations Manager at Allen Toyota Hyundai in Gulfport, a growing number of new car buyers are taking the same route.

"Absolutely. It's such a big concern on American's minds right now," says Allen. "With the way that gas prices are going you can't really think about anything else but that. You have to think about that whenever you're buying a car. You have to think about the ongoing cost as well as the initial cost of the car."

Toyota manufactures the current gas mileage champion.

"The Prius is hot right now," says Allen. "Sixty one miles to the gallon and everyone wants one right now."

A choice Dr. Otto Havas of Biloxi made a year ago, and he's glad he did.

"I didn't know," says Havas. "I just bought it because I liked it."

No matter what model the Reeds settle on, they still plan to travel light.

"Church, the grocery store, and the doctor's office," says Mary. "That's going to be it."

She says it's not just the smart choice, but with gas hovering around three dollars a gallon, it's their only choice.

"Just stay at home for a day. Everybody just stay at home."